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Website Features

Studio AccessYou and your customers access your studio on the internet through the gallery’s website. Depending on the studio package that you order, your studio can also have its own branded internet address.
Your StudioYour studio will have a main page that describes your studio, and features several examples of your work. At the top of the main page (and every page in your studio), is your studio name, and possibly your studio logo. Beneath that is a set of buttons that allow one to easily navigate to the other sections of your studio.
About the Artist One of the destinations from you main page is a page that describes you the artist. It can have a photograph if you so desire. This page can describe the type of work you do, your artistic vision, your style, or anything else that you desire. From the main artist page, you can go to a separate page that describes your training, shows, awards, etc., or another that offers an artist’s message.
Promoting Your Products All of the items that you wish to display in your studio are organized into sections within your website. There are several different types of sections. Some examples are:
Art An art section displays your art in a grid pattern.
Catalog If you sell supplies, you can add a catalog section, which presents your items in tabular form.
Studies If you have studies, you can add a section for them.
Seminars If you do seminars or classes, you can include them as well.
Additional information is associated with each item. For example, this can include pictures, a description, an item number and a price.
Studio Packages The BonBon Gallery organizes its services into three packages:
Budget The Budget Package is ideal for artiest that just want a presence on the internet. It supports relatively few items.
Basic The Basic Package allows you to display more items. It also allows you to start accepting payments on the internet.
Premium The Premium Package offers you everything in the Basic Package, plus even more capability and more additional features.
Package features and pricing can be found here.
Selling Your Items All studios have the option of selling your items via telephone or e-mail using a contact form provided in your studio. Artists with the Basic or Premium Packages have the option of integrating their studios with PayPal, the leader in online payment processing, or allowing their customers to build an order form from their Catalog page, which is then emailed to you.
Setting Up Your Studio The BonBon Gallery will personally work with you to develop the content of your online studio. You will need to supply the information associated with each of the items you want to display, e.g. photos, description and price.
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