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Porcelain artist and teacher, Pat McClendon, offers her porcelain paintings, and her unique china painting supplies for sale from her new online studio. Browse her porcelain paintings. If you are a china painter, don't miss picking up some Fools Gold© or Pat's latest Rosey Red powdered luster, by clicking here . You can order online, or for bulk paint orders, call or click here to send an e-mail.

Featured Item

Christmas tray. Painted with Poinsettias.

2014 Louisiana Convention Plate

This plate is an example of how porcelain artist and china painting teacher, Pat McClendon, uses her Fools Gold product to create special effects in her porcelain art.

Below Pat describes the techniques used to create this wonderful painting:
This plate is not for sale, it was painted for the 2014 Louisiana convention. The Iris were painted with a water medium and the rim of the plate was painted in 2 sections. One section was painted a pale purple then before firing I dropped small amounts of alcohol into the wet paint and it created lacy circles. After firing I applied a very light coat of Fools Gold over it. The other section was painted with a dark red grape and fired. After firing I painted a coat of Fools Gold over the fired red grape then I took a sponge stamp and stamped all in the wet Fools Gold creating a lace look. Then fired it.

Porcelain plate painted with iris for 2014 Louisiana China Painting Convention by porcelain artist and china painting teacher, Pat McClendon

Porcelain artist and teacher, Pat McClendon's Fools Gold™ shown used on two trays and poured out on one.

Fools Gold©, Fools Copper, and Rosey Red Available Online

Pat McClendon's Fools Gold©, Fools Copper, and Rosey Red products come in a powdered form ready for mixing just as you would mix powdered china paints. Each 5 gram jar comes with complete instructions for mixing and use. Fools Gold© can be used on porcelain, glass, and ceramics. After appropriate firing, Fools Gold© is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Porcelain artist, Pat McClendon uses her products to add highlights and sparkle to her unique porcelain paintings. See more of Pat McClendon's unique products and product details by clicking the title above.

View instructions for:
Fools Gold©
Fools Copper
Rosey Red

Framed still-life features Fools Copper

This is a framed 8x10 tile of a still life painting with apples, a copper bucket, and a glass bottle painted by porcelain artist and teacher, Pat McClendon. This painting features her Fools Copper powdered luster. The painting is framed and is offered at a price of $35.00. Click on the title or photo to see a catalog of all of Pat's paintings.

Porcelain painting of still life with apples, copper bucket, and a glass bottle, by artist and teacher Pat McClendon
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Pat McClendon
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Conway, SC 29526


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News from Pat

New reverse painted glass cutting boards are now available. Visit the "Art" tab above to see the ones that are available, or send a note using the "send an e-mail" link to request a custom painted cutting board.
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