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Porcelain painting supplies, instructions, and paintings by Paula White are now available online. Artist and teacher, Paula White, now offers her extraordinary Home Study School of Art from her new online studio. Her seminar schedule, unique travel retreats for artists, and her full catalog of painting supplies are available online. You can also browse and purchase her original porcelain, watercolor, and acrylic paintings as well as her complete line of supplies online. Just click Catalog above to see her online order form. To contact Paula, send a note via the "Send Us an Email" link on the right.

Featured Item

Landscape painting which was painted en plein air by artist and teacher, Paula White

Back to School SALE!

Paula is offering discounts on her products for a limited time. Now that you have those beautiful photographs and memories of your summer at the beach, stock up on supplies from Paula so that you can create your special painting. Be sure to contact her for more information on her BACK TO SCHOOL special.

Ocean view by Paula White.

Dark blue grapes in watercolor on Yupo by watercolor and porcelain artist and teacher, Paula White Grapes on porcelain plate by porcelain and watercolor artist and teacher, Paula White

New Classes (Open Studio) Available from Paula

Paula White will now be offering ongoing classes in both water media and china painting in her home studio when she is in residence. The classes will begin in Feb 2015. Each student should bring a sack lunch and register prior to the class by calling or emailing Paula White.

Date: Begins Saturday, Feb.21, 2015
Time: 1PM - 3PM
Location: Paula's Home Studio
Cost: $30 per session per student
Registration: Phone or Email Paula prior to the class

China Painting
Date: Begins Wednesday, Feb.25, 2015
Time: 10AM - 2PM
Subject: Class on color; Subject is grapes
Location: Paula's Home Studio
Cost: $30 per session per student
Registration: Phone or Email Paula prior to the class

Conventions and Shows

In 2015, Paula will be traveling to china painting conventions around the world. Be sure to visit her at these conventions, or book a seminar while she is in the area. Listed below is her current schedule:

March 26, 27, 28, 2015 WOCP Missouri convention in Independence, MO.

August 19, 20, 21, 22, 2015 WOCP Biennial Convention in Mobil, Alabama

October 7-15, 2015 Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Convention and Exhibition, Adelaide, Australia

Contact Paula if your china painting club would like to have her attend your convention as a feature artist or booth holder in the future.

Porcelain artist and teacher, Paula White is teaching Cacti from the Southwest at OPAR in 2013. Porcelain Artist and Teacher, Paula White will be teaching "River Waterfall Landscape" at GA Seminars by the Sea in 2013.

Porcelain Art Schools and Seminars- where you can paint with Paula

In 2015, you can find Paula at some of the most prestigious porcelain art schools in the world. She will also be conducting seminars and workshops at her home and with various china painting groups around the world. Here are a few that are already scheduled:

April 14-21, 2015 Michigan Porcelain Artist Retreat

May 5-9, 2015 OPAR, Seaside, Oregon

June 7-18, 2015 Seminars in Alabama

June 25-27, 2015 Black Grape Workshop held in Paula's Oklahoma City Home Studio

September 19-22, 2015 California Teachers Association Seminars

October, 2015 South Australia APAT Convention, Adelaide, Australia

Contact Paula ASAP if your china painting club or Porcelain Art School would like to have her teach a seminar in your area because her 2015 and 2016 calendar is booking now.

Purchase Paula's Complete Palette ONLINE NOW

Paula White's complete color palette is now available to purchase online. Paula has tested and evaluated each color in this palette, and uses them in her porcelain art every day. You can save over the individual paint price by purchasing the full palette. No more worries such as "will the paints fire well together?" or "will they fire at cone 016?". These colors are vibrant, clear, and Paula has tested them extensively to be sure that they intermix well and fire beautifully at cone 016.

Artist Paula White's full overglaze paint palette is available to purchase online now.
Contact us:

PO Box 721047
Oklahoma City,
OK 73172-1047

Or send us an email.

Paula White's
Home Study School of Art
Brochure Available

Click Here to view and print.

NOW AVAILABLE Paula's Newest Book

Contemporary Design
Paula provides guidance in designing unique and modern compositions for porcelain.

Watch for Paula's Next Book

Painting Landscapes
Instructions in Techniques for Painting Landscapes In Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, and Over-glaze Paints on Porcelain.

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